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Kovar to Pyrex

Kovar to Pyrex

Pyrex to Kovar is the most popular choice for a GTMS; this is due to the metal having a thermal expansion rate close to that of glass. This choice of material guarantees that the bond will be hermetic as the metal and glass will expand at the same rate as each other. Kovar is the perfect choice for a matched seal as it can withstand temperatures of up to 425C.

The process of creating a GTMS using Kovar metal has been tried and tested by Moores for over forty years. A strong bond between Kovar and glass is indicated by a greyish blue colour to the seal. If the seal looks metallic, the bond is weak and the GTMS should not be used.

We are industry experts in both old and innovative manufacturing techniques, which is why we can guarantee you a safe seal. To ensure product safety, we regularly operate a random safety test in our factories.

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Moores GlassWORKS

Moores GlassWORKS

Moores Glassworks has been exporting industrial glass components all over the world for nearly 40 years.

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Moores currently export industrial glass components to clients in the following countries:

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  • All over Europe

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