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Designing and manufacturing industrial glassware to the highest standards for nearly forty years

Welcome to Moores Glassworks

Moores Glassworks has been a leader in the manufacturing of custom glass products for nearly forty years. Our products are used in scientific, electronic, industrial and military applications. We have a highly skilled team of engineers, designers and manufacturers to meet your requirements.

Moores Glassworks is a world leader in applications such as:

  • Ultra high vacuum viewports
  • Cathode ray tubes
  • Multi pin bases/stems/pinches
  • Photomultiplier envelopes
  • Graded seals
  • Glass condom moulds
  • Glass to metal seals
  • Hollow cathode lamp bodies
  • pH electrode bodies
  • Quartz lamp bodies



Industrial Glass Manufacturing Solutions since 1970

The union of optics and electronics is providing new solutions to an increasing range of technological requirements.

From analytical laboratories to advanced avionics, specialized glassware is becoming an integral component of sophisticated systems and equipment employed in both commercial and military applications. more